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Martin Davies, occasionally I get some downtime from my music.
So, if you need me to identify someone in a photo, give me the year of the photo and I'll go through Venture and see if there's a match.
Don't load me up though.
At the moment, I'm free today (Saturday) & tomorrow (Sunday).
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Your Alumni Association at work: From this... to this! From a jumble of disorganised photos in dusty boxes to being filed away chronologically in acid-free archival albums.This has taken roughly four years of work. A magnificent achievement. The person who did 90% of this work was Dorothy Meadows OAM. Now, thanks to Dorothy, the history of the school has been preserved for all time. We are still finding new archival material, and we are still digitising the photos. Like what we do? Support us by joining up.
From a jumble of disorganised photos in dusty boxes to being filed away chronologically in acid-free archival albums.This has taken roughly four years of work. A magnificent achievement. The person who did 90% of this work was Dorothy Meadows OAM. Now, thanks to Dorothy, the history of the school has been preserved for all time. We are still finding new archival material, and we are still digitising the photos. Like what we do? Support us by joining up.
Martin Davies added 2 photos to the album: Your Alumni Association at work: From this... to this! in Mordialloc College Alumni Association.
This steam train pictured at Mordialloc station in 1963, it's last year in operation, last weekend made it's return to the tracks on the Gippsland line after 31 years restoration, being purchased in 1985 by Steamrail.
Multiple Mordi degree holders (from the Alumni Survey)
Found: woollen Mordialloc High School cap from the past and thought it may be of interest to the keepers of the archives. Happy to pass it on.
Calendar – MCAA At the 13th May meeting of the MCAA Committee it was resolved to meet bi-monthly instead of monthly. Dates are: (all alumni welcome but only members in good standing can vote).
Martin Davies shared a link to the group: Mordialloc College Alumni Association.
PAC Official Opening 2017 Martin Davies shared Mordialloc College's album to the group: Mordialloc College Alumni Association.
I am sad to inform FB members that Dorothy Meadows, MCAA Historian and former teacher, stood down from the committee at the last meeting. Dorothy has been pivotal to operations for a number of years and I acknowledge our debt of gratitude for her years of service. Her annual prize, the 'Dorothy Meadows Prize in History'--presented annually to a student at the school-- will continue until 2024 (the centenary year).
Photos from Kim Puleio's post Le Page hall gone. End of an era , so many memories had by all 😊amazing what can happen in a week
Circa 1975 - story by Val Gaskell (then, Senior Mistress) - Peter Locco came to her office for help as a boy had fallen out of a tree and split his shin. Very little blood but on the way to the doctor's he said "Geez Mrs Gaskell I thought I could see my bone" Peter Locco was very pale. This boy was on crutches for quite some time. Does anyone out there know who the poor lad is?
Committee Position Vacant - SPONSORSHIP COORDINATOR
Our wonderful Kim is moving into another vital role and we need to fill this important vacancy. If you can assist please contact or inbox me.
No experience necessary just a willingness to come on board and help us keep achieving the good stuff that you have seen.
We meet 6 times a year at Mordy HQ / Sporting Club. Next meeting is this Saturday 13/5/17. Come and join us. Be part of the story...:)
Thank you to Doyle's Bridge Hotel for their generous support of the MCAA through reward vouchers to members. 1 Nepean Highway, Mordiallloc 9587 1000.
Rays of sunshine - Joanne Lester Wood and Warren Chapman - 😊☀️- photo credit to Jo and Woz - photographer unknown.
Just arrived at my Mother's place, and she'd found this photo! It's dated 1983/84 and from a camp at Wyperfeld Nationalpark. It's of Peter Smith or Lewis, Angelo Calafatis and I!
Patience please re: the MCAA website. The photo gallery is down. There's a bit of a hitch with server permissions. It's all a learning experience. We are all volunteers, we are running the show on a shoe-string, the (affordable) Wordpress expert is in the Ukraine, and there is a time delay.
Good afternoon. My name is Victoria Grindrod and I attended the college from 1996-2001. I was a choreographer for our Rock Eisteddfods and Bugsy Malone production during this time. I'm looking for a copy of the Eisteddfod recordings we were given by the Eisteddfod company of our heats / finals for those years. Can you please help me with this? I know the school was given a copy and parents were able to request copies at the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
1978 Tasmania Trip - Photo courtesy of Irene Brown - Tracey Beale, Sue Callaghan, Michelle Hicks, Kristen Densley, Coral Robertson, Jenny Seedsman, Andrea Santos, Donna Rieffel, Paula McCarthy
Form 4A 1976
Form 2C 1974
MCAA website is back online after construction at the school. Thanks for your patience.
1967, form 4E, the "physical education" (experiment) form.
Anyone remember the two "Joes": Pizzolo & Rapazano ???
Whatever happened to them ???
1995 Peter Lawrence - Teacher
1969 - First XVIII - but there are 20...
1966 Form 1B - interesting that blazers were standard uniform - by the '70s they were optional and a bit of a luxury.
1959 - Beautiful ladies from Form 2B
1952 - House Sports Day at Mentone - photo courtesy of Margaret Reynolds.
1952 - Fifth Form Girls - photo courtesy of Margaret Reynolds.
1952 - House Athletics at Mentone
1950 - MCHS girls pioneer in cricket too!
1961 Robin Tudor, Pat O'Donnell, Anne Birse - photo courtesy of Pam Harland.
2000 - VYDP - Canoeing Squad
2000 VYDP - Canoeing on the Yarra
Mr Holten with bunny ears...
198? - in a Venture Magazine?
2000 - Swimming - Pride of Mordy?
The building of "Dorothy's Bridge" across Mordialloc Creek?
1960 Mordialloc Creek
1949 Mordialloc Creek
Hello 1965 we haven't forgotten you.
1965 Senior B Netball
1968 Girl Prefects
1993 7A
1999 - Poor image but better than nothing - School SRC - anyone see themselves?
Date unknown and unfortunately print is slightly blurry. Hopefully we have the negative waiting to be digitised. Shows the gradual loss of the iconic cypress trees.
Martin Eriwata Class of 1990.
1992 Equestrian Peta Hole
1989 Pie eating comp.
1980 - Teacher - Rosemary ?
1980? Who is our chemist?
1980? Electronics trio
1980? More crafting.
1980? Mr Kilfoyle and Class
Circa 1980 - the wonderful June Wright and ?
1980 ish - amazing hair class.
1980? A potter.
Vale Le Page Hall
1980s - Steven Morris
MCAA members please note that the main website is down at the moment owing to building and construction work at the school. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Photo ID - Thanks MCAAers for your assistance with years and names. The photos are sorted into year and where possible the names of students/teachers, etc and the occasion is added. Where we have the hard copy they are arranged into archival folders and stored in the school archive. We try and use name known as at school and so that's why we always clarify "maiden" name. The images are then also loaded onto the website, also by year.Thanks again for your support in creating this unique asset of our school days. If you would like to help out please email - the committee would love to hear from you.
Does anyone remember a girl called citedella I'm not sure of the spelling but it's pretty close 1975 ish would love to know what she is up to
Photos from Paula McCarthy's post The Class of '81 - photos courtesy of Tracey Howe thanks Trace!
1979 - MCHS was the pioneer of women's footy. The team was coached by MCHS PE teacher Alby Priendiks and former student Darren Jehu. Herewith: some of the team but not all. Photo collage thanks to Tracey Howe who may still have the original. The team may have played under the name Edithvale-Aspendale but was mainly recruited from MCHS.
1992 - Class of 1982 - Bentleigh Club - a whole series of other years in the archive too.
1980 "Ripponlea" - Trish Clark
1980 Jenny Paten.
Circa 1980 Kathleen Shelton receives the Harris Award for Public Speaking
Photos from Christine Field's post Found some of us in the all girls P!!
Circa 1978 - Class of 79 footy boys. Photo courtesy of Darren Ma
1978 - Ray Letch, Vito Pascazio, George Parton and Billy McLeod. Photo courtesy of Darren Ma.
Bernie Smith circa 1978 - photo by Darren Ma
Being a teacher myself, now approaching 20 years, I often reflect upon the teaching styles and methods of my teachers from my school days. There were many great teachers at Mordi High who helped to shape my career and the person I became: Ms Crosthwaite, Mrs Wright, Mr Kelly, Mr Smith, Mr McDonald, and even Mr Holmes; but the one teacher who I try my best to model, is Mr Clement. Mr Clement had such a gentle nature, always listened, and was able to appreciate all sides of a story. He helped to open my eyes to the fact that things could be seen differently from other perspectives. He was very wise and very fair. I hope that one day my students respect me as much as I do him.
Former MCHS student function held circa 1955 or 1956.
Anyone know what year this?
Year ? Mr Trevor Smith and [unknown] - anyone out there able to help?
1990s swimming carnival.
Swimming sports - featuring Alison Murphy
Unknown athlete.
Alison Murphy - what was the occasion?
1981 Photography Class - Susan Hardy.
Unnamed jumper
Happy days @ Mordy
Music Class
Brassy duo
Ollie Bates the artisan.
1980s gardening.
Nice legs Miss Roberts.
MOS hench-person?
Man of Steel Fan Club
Shae MacBryde - this was in one of the batches I took home today! Crappy scan tho. 1993 Year 12 student auction.
2001. Year 7 Art Class.
Ian Mc Collection - a big kahuna?
Ian McDonald Collection - year, occasion and archeologists unknown.