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Become a member to gain access to our extensive record of Mordialloc College’s history, which includes over 4,000 photos and 5,000 historic documents since school’s inauguration in 1924. Members are also invited to join our well established community of past-students to reconnect with their past peers and share their memories. Register now to help support or efforts in maintaining and expanding these history records.

Alumni Memories

  • I remember one year during a school play performance (perhaps Calamity Jane?), one of the girl’s on stage forgot her lines. There was an awkward silence before Fran suddenly leapt into action and just started saying the other girl’s lines verbatim. Mr Kelly was in the wings and I overheard him say “Bloody Brilliant Fran”.

    Shelly McLean
  • When I was on duty as a teacher I remember doing yard duty on the school oval when I would walk to smoker’s corner. The offenders would put their lit cigarettes behind their backs so I would stop there talking to them until the cigarette burnt their hands.

    Wyn Roper
  • My first principal at Mordialloc High School was Brigadier Langley. This was 1947 soon after the war. His favourite saying was “Manners maketh the man” and I have quoted it ever since. He later left Mordialloc to be principal of Melbourne High School.

    Arthur Stewart, 1947
  • School swimming sports in the late 60’s. Boy called Bruce Tardrew swam – during swim bathers began to fall off – He kept swimming hanging onto his bathers. He won the race easily despite the bathers. The swimming audience erupted when he won.

    Kay Ryan, 1965
  • My greatest memory from Mordi High was participating in school productions from Yr 7 to Yr 11. they are something I often think back to, and still hold dear. The rehearsals, performance and the awesome after parties. Many of which were held in our family home.


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Thousands of photos from all decades, including the school’s inauguration in 1924, and before

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Biographies of Alumni from all decades that made outstanding contributions to a range of professions

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