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Everyone should be sensitive about their security these days, especially on the internet. To put you at ease, we archives_1
will explain what is shown on the site in the Members’ area before you join.

Three things are asked for when you join up:

  • Account details
  • Profile details
  • Social Media details (this is optional and can be ignored)

Account details

This requires you select a Membership type (Standard, Concessional or “Friend of the MCAA”) and provide your email details like this. Next comes your postal address. If you elect to be sent the newsletter by mail, we need to know where to send it. We’d also like to send you invitations to events. This looks likethis. Your email and postal address details will never be made public. See ourprivacy policy.

Profile details

This consists of your profile photo and the dates you were at the College. There is no point having an alumni association if fellow alumni can’t see you. It looks likethis. Next comes your previous primary or “feeder” school and your bio details, likethis. When completing your bio, be reassured that only paid-up members of the site (fellow Mordi alumni) can see it.

Social Media Details

The final part is your Social Media addresses (if any) which you might want to share. This is optional and looks likethis. If you don’t have a Facebook, Linkedin or Google+ account just ignore this. If you do provide these details people on the site can contact or “friend” you. If you don’t want this, ignore this section. For a detailed helpsheet on how to register, download this document. This document can be printed.

What is seen on the site?

Only your name, bio, and country of residence is accessible to others on the site. Everything else is stored safely and will not be divulged to anyone. Once again, see our privacy policy. On the site, this basic information appears likethis. Viewers can only see country of residence (indicated by a flag), the person’s name, and the bio. Here is a real example showing where social media fields, if added,appear. Once registered on the site, if you want to see more about that person you can click on their name to see any additional bio details provided, or click on the social media fields to contact them (if these have been provided).

Updating your Profilearchives_2

Once you are registered you can update your address details, profile photos, or anything else. This can be done as often as you wish. To change your contact details, click on Edit Profile*, fill in your changed details, add any new profile photos, and click “save profile” (*link only available to registered members).

Adding Mordi-related photos, videos, music to share

You can also upload photos and other media (i.e., videos and music) about the school to the MCAA archive to share with others. We welcome this. The archive is incomplete. Much of the photographic record of the school has been lost or is in private hands. Here’s where you can help. Adding to the archive can be done by clicking on Edit Profile,* navigating to the bottom of your profile and clicking on Photos/Videos/Music. For how to do this seehere. (*link only available to registered members).

Deleting your Profile

You can delete your profile if you wish by clicking Edit Profile* and then “delete profile” here. Deleting your profile will remove you from the website and the ability to access the archive. You will no longer receive newsletters. Deleting your profile is a permanent action (*link only available to registered members).

In Summary

Your profile information is in your hands, and the entire site is locked down to paid-up subscribers. This is a lot safer than alternative websites, e.g., Facebook. Use the site with confidence that your privacy is being respected.

Any questions, please ask. Send us an email.

Photos courtesy of Kim Puleio

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