The following individuals are warmly acknowledged for their contributions to the Mordialloc College archive. Their names are provided in initials in the suffix to document or photos provided (e.g., _jb.pdf = Jack Box). If we have failed to note your name, please get in touch and we will correct this omission.


JB Jack Box
EC Edith Caulfield
EL Isabel Lurvey
DM Dorothy Meadows
BB Bronwyn Blackburn
HM Hugh McPhee
BR Bill Rankin
RM R E Millar
JS Janet Shelley
JD Jim Dowling
JM June McLean
MK Marjorie Kean
RGK Rod Gaskell
RGN Roy Gunn
RS Ray Sinclair
RG Roula Gkagkas
JO Joe Oliveri
PB Pearl Body
GLR George Raphael
GJ Gary Johnson
KP Kim Puleio
HP Heather Padman
LA Leslie Alston
SC Sharon Cooper
RW Roland Woodson
BB_JB Betty Berkefeld per John Bright
MD Martin Davies
MR Margaret Reynolds (Hatwell)
ER Elaine Round (Thomas)
KV Kathy Voyer
IS Isabelle Smith
JBYD Jeanne Boyd
AP Alex Poore
JR John Round
JMcL June McLean
BRN Bruce Reynolds
CA Cassandra Arms
PD Pauline Dixon
ES Elaine Stollwitzer
GA Grant Amor
HMR Heidi Maher
 JC  Judith Carter