The 2024 Campaign

    Indicative funding needed ($200-300,000). Raises funds specifically for the centenary in 2024. Aims includes:

  • A book: Mordialloc College: The First 100 Years: commissioning, writing, editing, publishing.
  • Conceiving and designing, sourcing manufacturers for merchandise: cups, port/wine/whiskey, shields, commemorative pins, T-shirts, mugs, coasters, ties, caps.
  • Money will need to be spent on sourcing, designing, producing memorabilia in bulk—or in response to mail order—with the expectation we can sell them at or before the centenary providing a ROI.
  • A commemorative centenary garden at the school
  • Painting the entire school before the centenary
  • A 2024 navigational app which is QCode responsive showing the history of the school in images and video at various points around the campus, and which can be used at the centenary, and before and after for newly enrolled students. This can link with the self-guided Kingston History Walking Tours app.


The Venture Campaign

    Indicative funding needed ($50,000). Raises funds for showcasing the ‘students’ voice’ since the 1930s onwards in a series of coherent publications. This need not be completed prior to the centenary but may be an ongoing project.

  • Typeset and republished all, or some, of historic Venture Yearbooks as commemorative reissues:
  • In decade batches
  • In a single book
  • As a edited collection, ‘the best of’: Venture through the Years
  • Considerable work will be needed on pdf to Word conversion, typesetting, editing and proofreading, printing. Possibly this could involve the school Media classes.


The ‘Ian McDonald Collection’ Campaign

    img_3552Indicative funding needed ($12,000). Raises funds specifically for digital photo preservation:

  • Over 8000 negatives/slides running from late 1970s-onwards. We need to digitize and preserve these and make them available for viewing/purchasing.
  • Purchase of an MCAA dedicated negative/slide scanner (A good one, a Nikon Coolscan 5000, is $3000+ and up to $5000 second hand).
  • We could pay a student to work on these over many months. 


The Museum Campaign

    Indicative funding needed ($200-300,000). A very long-term aim of establishing a permanent Museum on the site of the school as a dedicated home for the archives and a place for alumni to meet and congregate. Considerations include:

  • Approval. This would need state and local government funding (not entirely “pie in the sky” as it has happened elsewhere, e.g., Frankston High, and need not be super-expensive, e.g., a “kit” or modular building: Modscape, Archiblox, etc).
  • Obviously the school/Education department has to be supportive and not see this as counter to the aims of public schooling. If it is, it can be located elsewhere.
  • Money to be spent on applying for grants, seeking corporate donations, sourcing designs from architects, liaising with council,, and so on. Paying a building consultant/architect to do the legwork might be feasible as the committee has little time for the running around.


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