The team of committed past-students
behind the Alumni Association…

About Us

We are a group of past-students from Mordialloc Chelsea Secondary College who share the passion for the School’s history and preserving that record for future generations and nostalgia. Since the formation of the organization lead by Eberhard Rabich and Martin Davies, we have grown to a dedicated committee of 14 volunteer members each bringing our own specialities to help archive the School’s extensive history. To get to know more about each of our team members, click ‘View Profile’ to read their biography.

Want to learn more about the history of the Alumni Association and its previous incarnations? Click here to read more.

The Team

Imogen Kane

Vice President
Attended 2011-2017

Barbara Dowling

Ventured Editor
Attended 1950-1954

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Kim Puleio

Secretarial Assistant
Attended 1973-1976

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Eberhard Rabich

Facebook Administrator
Attended 1970-1975

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Cathy Milward-Bason

Assistant Historian
Attended 1982-1983

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