How to Use the Website

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What browser do I use?

The website works best using the Chrome Other browsers work too, but are slower to load photos. Remember that we have thousands of photos on the site and a good, reliable, fast internet connection is necessary.

How do I view the photo gallery?

Click on Archives, Gallery, then Photos. Photos are displayed in decade batches (with a specific category for ‘undated photos’). If you can identify a photo please make a comment and tell us what it is! (see ‘Making comments and listing names’ below).


Specific year searching is possible, making it a true repository of searchable archival data. Add a year, e.g., ‘1966’ into the search bar—without ‘…’—and clicking the magnifying class or <return> on your keyboard (see below).

To return to decade batch searching remove a specific year in the search bar. Click “X” to remove it. (The database can’t search for a decade when a specific date is in the search bar.)


How to I view a photo up close?

Hover the cursor over a photo you want to look at. Click the magnifying glass to open a photo for a larger view.


When in magnified view, click the “X” (top right) to close the photo and to return to browsing large groups of photos (see below). If the “X” is hidden and can’t be clicked press <ESC> on your keyboard to close a photo.


How do I comment on a photo or list peoples’ names?

Hover the cursor over a photo you want to comment on. Click the shopping cart icon. A new screen will open with the photo.

Below the photo there is a comments bar. Write your comment, e.g., add the names of your friends, and click <return> or <post comment> (NB: <post comment> will only appear when the cursor is in the comments bar). We strongly encourage MCAA members to be as detailed as possible with comments in our photo gallery. Comments comprise a valuable, easily retrievable, and permanent historical record.

Photos can be enlarged when in the Shopping Cart screen. Just click on the photo to view it and “X” to return.


Replies can be added to comments. Just click <reply> if you want to reply to a comment, and <return> or <post comment> (NB: <post comment> will only appear when the cursor is in the <reply> bar).

Comments are tied to individual photos rather like writing on the back of a photo. In time, this feature will prove the worth of the website as a long-term repository of archival data. This is not possible on Facebook as comments and images get “buried” and lost in the timeline.


What’s the difference between the magnifying class view and the shopping cart view?

The magnifying glass view just expands a photo for a larger view when browsing. The shopping cart allows: a) expanded view (click on the photo when in this screen); b) comments, and replies to comments and c) purchase options. Members can buy a copy of a photo if you have lost their hard copy. This assumes we have image copyright. Click <add to cart> and follow the instructions for payment via PayPal. All funds go back to the school via the MCAA.

Viewing Documents

The documents area of the website is very easy to navigate. Just click on the relevant page, e.g., Historic documents. A page will display things initially by order in which things have been added (newly-added items appear first).

  • Items can be ordered chronologically by pressing <sort>. You can sort by date (when added), by name (alphabetically or chronological order) and type.
  • Clicking <sort name> sorts earlier to later; pressing <sort name> a second time sorts later to earlier.
  • Items can also be searched by file type: document, powerpoint, jpeg. Removing <jpeg> for example will only show non-jpeg files
  • Specific years can be searched for in the <search> bar and clicking <Go>. Put in ‘1956’, for example, and documents published in that year will be retrieved.

Need a hard copy of these instructions for printing? Download them here.documents