The benefits and resources you gain
from becoming an Alumni member…

Your connection to Mordialloc College and other past-students doesn’t have to end once you graduate. By becoming apart of our Alumni community, you gain access to social outlets, an extensive digital archive, and much more.

Our goal as an alumni association is pretty simple: to preserve the growing history of Mordialloc College and give back to the community. We are achieving this largely through maintaining an extensive photographic and documentary archive about the school and its people throughout the decades. By becoming an Alumni member you will have access to our digital and social resources all while helping support the Alumni Association and our efforts.

Member Benefits

See what benefits you will get by becoming a member of the Alumni Association. As we grow and uncover more history of Mordialloc College, there will be more for you to explore and rediscover!

Digital Photograph Archive

Get lost in an extensive collection of digitally archived photographs capturing memories from throughout the decades.

Historic Documents

Learn about the documented history of the College from its initial inauguration in 1924 and the developments ever since.

Reunions and Events

Receive invitations to Alumni Association organized events and gatherings.

Ventured Newsletter

Catch up on recent events and stories from within the Alumni community with our quarterly newsletter, Ventured.

Alumnus Stories

Discover the stories of other past-students and teachers from their time at Mordialloc College.

Trade Advertisement

Advertise your business or services to other Alumni members on our website through our Business Register.

Community Connections

Reconnect with past-friends and classmates through our social networks and Alumni Member Directory.

Membership FAQ

Have any questions about membership? Check out our answers to these frequently asked questions.

By definition, an Alumnus is only a past student of a particular school, however, we invite all former students, current or past staff members, and any friends, partners, or family members of ex-attendees. Additionally, if you’re currently a student completing Year 12 we welcome you to register as a member of the Association as well.

Once you have successfully registered an account and have been verified, the site will largely appear the same, however, you will now be unrestricted on the pages and content that you can view. Most notably, you will now have access to all our archive resources and documents, historical articles, newsletters, and the Member Directory where you will be able to find and reconnect with other Alumni members.

Some of your details will be publicly viewable by other verified members on your profile so that other verified members can make connections to you from their time at Mordialloc College. This information includes your:

  1. First and last name
  2. Profile picture
  3. Old school photo (if provided)
  4. Years attended
  5. Biography
  6. Country of residence
  7. Social media accounts (if provided)

This information is locked to guests viewing the site to protect your privacy. Only registered and verified accounts can see your profile.

Question still not answered? Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Become a Member

Becoming a member of the Alumni is easy. Simply fill out our registration form with your details and then click create account! At this point, your account will be considered provisional and you will be prompted to pay the annual membership fee. Once you have subscribed your membership will become active and you will have full access to all the website resources.

Need some help creating an account? Check out our Creating an Account help section for some answers to the most common questions.

Standard Membership

$10 pa.

Wanting to join the Alumni community as a past student or teacher? This is the membership for you. You will receive full, unrestricted access to all our archives, galleries, and resources on our website on top of everything else advertised above.

Friends and family of Alumni members can alternatively register by a ‘Friend of MCAA’ membership, which has the same benefits, just an alternative title if you didn’t attend the high school.

Our website is currently undergoing a site migration and as a result many site features may not work as expected. Look out for updates on our Facebook page.