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Mordialloc College will be turning 100 in 2024! To commemorate this historic occasion we are collection stories, documents, and photos for a centennial book to be published before this date.

Want to help us? Please share a memory that you have of your time at Mordialloc College. Your memory can be positive or negative, serious, funny or sad. We will leave it to your judgement.


Memories from other past-students

Rock Eisteddfod Challenges! The best thing I ever did. Lots of hard work, but so much fun and many great times. Definitely helped me with my confidence.

A memory from Anonymous

Before school excursions we were inspected before leaving and girls wore gloves. Often if someone forgot their gloves we used to pass them a pair behind our backs so they could go.

A memory from Lee Taylor (Gwenda)

Bernard Smith not being able to get to the fume cabinet in time to contain an explosion.

A memory from James Jonklaas

School swimming sports in the late 60’s. Boy called Bruce Tardrew swam – during swim bathers began to fall off – He kept swimming hanging onto his bathers. He won the race easily despite the bathers. The swimming audience erupted when he won.

A memory from Kay Ryan, 1965

My greatest memory from Mordi High was participating in school productions from Yr 7 to Yr 11. they are something I often think back to, and still hold dear. The rehearsals, performance and the awesome after parties. Many of which were held in our family home.

A memory from Anonymous

When I was on duty as a teacher I remember doing yard duty on the school oval when I would walk to smoker’s corner. The offenders would put their lit cigarettes behind their backs so I would stop there talking to them until the cigarette burnt their hands.

A memory from Wyn Roper

The excursions to the Victorian Symphony Orchestra. My days in the cookery classes were wonderful and I still love to cook. And a love of history is still with me.

A memory from Eunice Rooke, 1949

My first principal at Mordialloc High School was Brigadier Langley. This was 1947 soon after the war. His favourite saying was “Manners maketh the man” and I have quoted it ever since. He later left Mordialloc to be principal of Melbourne High School.

A memory from Arthur Stewart, 1947