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About us

The Mordialloc College Alumni Association is a not-for-profit incorporated entity which is devoted to helping the school financially, raising the profile of public education, and maintaining a photographic and documentary archive about the school and its people. We welcome members who wish to help us achieve these aims.

Short term aims:

  • to be the central repository of digital memorabilia of Mordialloc College prior to the school’s centenary in 2024;
  • to ‘give back’ to the school in the form of sponsorship and tertiary scholarships and support for capital works, technology and library acquisitions;
  • to benefit our membership by fostering a sense of community;
  • to raise the profile of public education generally;
  • to drive the agenda for the centenary celebrations of the school in 2024;
  • to be a focal point for corporate donations, bequests, and sponsorship from the community.

Long-term aims:

  • to produce a book, and accompanying DVD, in commemoration of the school’s centenary;
  • to construct an on-site commemorative centenary garden;
  • to develop a permanent on-site museum to store and display the school’s archives;
  • to develop a navigational app for the centenary celebrations in 2024.

In time, we also plan to organise and manage reunions for former students from the College.

We welcome membership from former students, donations from the public and sponsorship from local companies. (See ‘Sponsorship’ below.) General information about the aims and objectives of the MCAA is available here as a pdf document.

No. We are affiliated with the school but we are a separate body with our own office bearers and constitution. We are working towards assisting the school but we make our own decisions. If you want to join the committee keep an eye out for nominations prior to each AGM in October. You can also join as a member without portfolio, or just sit in on occasional meetings. Watch the Event Calendar for dates and times.

It means we are a fully incorporated association (A0061960Y) under Consumer Affairs statutes. No-one associated with the MCAA, including the committee, are paid for their efforts. All funds raised go towards our aims. The committee is property constituted, we meet monthly, and our AGM is held in October. Our Constitution is provided here. Our Certificate of Incorporation as a not for profit association is here.

There were ex-student associations in the 1940s and 1980s/90s (see History). Both were successful for some time but eventually disbanded. Previous ex-students’ associations were mainly concerned with organising reunions; we are more concerned with documenting the school’s history and supporting public education financially. The MCAA is an incorporated not for profit organisation which is looking toward the centenary of the school in 2024 and beyond. The MCAA plans to be a financially viable organisation which is why membership fees are payable and we have sought assistance from sponsors and will look at other financially supporting activities such as the sale of merchandise and selected photographs. In time we may organise reunions, but this is not our main focus.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. A strong social media presence helps us reach alumni around the world. We encourage you to join these as well to keep abreast of news and events.

Images and documents on Facebook cannot be sorted chronologically and are not searchable. Our images and documents are sorted by year; searching for specific items is also possible. More importantly, however, is the issue of ownership of images on Facebook. Anything uploaded to Facebook becomes the property of Facebook (a US company) and used for whatever purpose they see fit. Facebook has the ability to remove any site at any time and all the archives would disappear with the site. If Facebook ceased to exist so too would the archive (remember Netscape? Friends Reunited also folded after 16 years of operation.) Privacy concerns are often raised regarding Facebook too, and it is often attacked by spammers. Facebook is not the appropriate format to preserve and manage valuable historical images and documents. Additionally, many alumni are not Facebook users.

The digital images on Facebook have all been migrated to the website. All the historic images prior to 1980 are here, but not on Facebook. This website will be the Association’s principal online presence. The Facebook page is no longer the Mordialloc College Alumni Association’s primary means of communication, or means of digital storage; however it will remain as a place to chat. Put simply, we have “outgrown” Facebook.

Not by a long shot. Much of the school’s photographic archive has been lost through lack of interest and attention. In December 2015 five previously unknown photo albums from the 60s and 70s, and dozens of large photos on backing board were discovered in an old bike shed! This became known as the Bus Shed Collection. In 2016, The McDonald Collection–eight thousand slides and negatives–were donated to the MCAA by the former science teacher, Ian McDonald. They remain undigitised and are now up to 40 years old. In 2017 the caretaker of the school uncovered another previously unknown stash of photos and documents in the first-aid room–the First-Aid Room Collection (See Mining the Archives). So we are discovering new things all the time. Much of the photographic record is also in private hands. This is our main quest: to preserve the history before the centenary. However, things could be worse–we could be like Frankston High. They lost much of their archive in a fire (see Mining the Archives).


Some sections of the website are open to everyone, however, you must be a registered member in order to access many of our resources, including our extensive archives of the school’s history. Registration will require some evidence of your link with Mordialloc College as a former student or teacher. Non-alumni can join as a ‘Friend of the MCAA’. An annual fee is payable, and–as our fees are very low–donations are very welcome.

Yes. ‘Alumni’ just means ‘past student’, it does not mean you completed Y12. You might have only attended for a few months.

Yes. Registration requires membership and membership of the Association requires joining the Association and paying an annual membership fee. There are three categories of membership: Standard ($15 pa), Concessional ($15 pa) and ‘Friends of the MCAA’ ($15 pa). ‘Friends’ are non-alumni who should demonstrate an association with an alumni, e.g., a partner of a former student, or a parent, however, they can also be interested parties. Like other members, ‘Friends’ may access the archive, attend school tours, and attend reunions at a discount.

Within a few weeks of payment, you will receive a membership pack. This will include:

Shortly upon registration and payment, you will receive access to the world’s largest repository of memorabilia* associated with Mordialloc College (growing weekly). You will get invited to school tours (currently held twice per annum and normally conducted by the school Principal). When fully established, there will be other benefits: discounted invitations to reunions, discounts from sponsors, ability to advertise your business/services to other alumni and so on. Bear in mind that the organisation is young and things will take time. If you register, you will also get the ‘warm glow’ that comes from helping a public school (*links available only for members).

  • The largest existing collection of digital images, historic and contemporary photographs and documents, videos, and other paraphernalia pertaining to the college. Material is presented in a format that is easily identified and is chronological and searchable. We believe the school is unique in this achievement among schools in Australia, and possibly internationally. This archive is in a constant state of development and photos/documents are added on a weekly basis.
  • A complete collection of Viking and Venture yearbooks from 1929 onwards
  • Members’ bios and photos of all registered members (searchable by graduation year and/or sex.)
  • Alumni survey data (showing aggregated data of where alumni ended up in their careers)
  • Notable alumni from all decades of the school
  • An alumni business corporate services register (members can advertise their services here for free. Contact us for further information).

Membership costs $10 pa.

Creating an Account

For a step-by-step instructional document with pictures, visit the ‘Sign up Help‘ page.

  1. Go to the account registration page
  2. Fill out the form provided with your account details*
    1. If you are unsure which account type to use, check out this FAQ
  3. Click the checkbox to agree to our privacy policy
  4. Click on the ‘Register’ button
  5. Complete the payment via PayPal**
  6. Confirm your account through email confirmation

*You can update these details at any time by going to the ‘Edit Profile‘ page
**If you elect to pay an alternative way, ignore this and close the browser window

If you are an ex-student of Mordialloc College then you should register under a ‘Standard’ account which is the default account type for our alumni members. If you hold a concession card you can instead register with a ‘Concession’ account.

If you are not an ex-student of the College but have friends or family that attended and would like access to our resources, then you would register under a ‘Friends of the MCAA’ account. Additionally, if you are a sponsor that requires an account but is not an ex-student, you would also register with this account type.

Membership can either be paid online through PayPal, as a direct credit transfer or by cheque/cash.

PayPal payments:

PayPal is the industry standard for secure online transactions. If you do not have a PayPal account, registration will give the option of creating an account when you sign up. Credit card details are NOT kept by the MCAA. They are held securely in PayPal. The PayPal registration form is provided as part of signup for membership (if you already have a PayPal account just select “I already have a PayPal Account” and login with your account details). Note that—like most charities—registration for membership will, by default, be an annual fee deducted at the anniversary of your membership. This saves you remembering, and saves us administrative work. However, you can terminate this at any time in your PayPal account. For a simple step-by-step guide to registering and paying see here; for a more detailed guide download this document.

Direct Credit payments:

You can send us a direct funds transfer: Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633-000. Account Number: 152914982. Make sure your given name and surname is clearly visible in the transaction details, and send us a letter or email advising you have made this transaction. Include the membership form attached. We will add you manually and send you a login and password details. Allow at least two weeks for administration and processing of your application. Renewal will need to be made annually at the anniversary of membership and we will have to go through the process

Cheque payments:

Send a cheque to The MCAA, PO Box 5121, Mordialloc, 3195. Include the attached membership form. We will add you manually and send you login and password details. Allow at least two weeks for administration and processing of your application.

You will be a “provisional” member until such time as you pay the membership fee, but in the meantime you will not be able to access the website nor see the registered members. “Provisional” members will be deleted every month or so by the Webmaster if accounts are not activated.

Check your “spam” or “junk” folder for a message from us. You will need to tell your email client that MCAA emails are not spam. If you are unable to find any emails from us please contact us so we can help you to resolve the problem.

Your Account

Check your “spam” or “junk” folder for a message from us. That will contain the login and password.

If you require a new password, go to the reset password page and request a secret key. You must provide the email that you used to register the account with. Check your inbox for a key code and a link. Use this key to create a new password.

Some of your details will be publicly viewable by other verified members on your profile so that other verified members can make connections to you from their time at Mordialloc College. This information includes your:

  1. First and last name
  2. Profile picture
  3. Old school photo (if provided)
  4. Years attended
  5. Biography
  6. Country of residence
  7. Social media accounts (if provided)

This information is locked to guests viewing the site to protect your privacy. Only registered and verified accounts can see your profile.

Once you are registered you can update your address details, profile photos, or anything else. This can be done as often as you wish. To change your contact details, click on ‘Edit Profile‘, fill in your changed details, add any new profile photos, and click ‘Save Profile’.

Providing connections to your social media accounts is completely optional. We do encourage that you do provide these accounts so that other members of the Alumni can get in contact with you to reconnect or have a conversation. If you don’t want this or have these accounts, you can simply ignore this option in your profile settings.

To change your account email, go to the ‘Profile’ tab in the navigation and click ‘Edit Profile‘. Scroll down to the ‘Account Details’ section until you find the email address box. Update your email with your new one and then click save to confirm.

If you wish to delete your account from our website, go to the ‘Edit Profile‘ page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Delete Profile’. Please note that this will not terminate any automatic payments that are made through PayPal. You must stop these payments manually by yourself through your PayPal account.

Using the Site

We recommend using the Google Chrome or Firefox browser when using our site. These browsers are known to be completely compatible with aspects of our site that other browsers may have trouble with. There are known problems when viewing our site with Internet Explorer or older versions of other browsers. If something doesn’t appear to be working, please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version.

Navigate to the Members’ Directory. Enter the graduation year of the person (e.g., 1956) and the sex of the person in the search menu and click “filter search”.

Unfortunately, you cannot make direct contact with other members through the website. You can “follow” them and they will see that they have a follower. If you “follow” someone you will see what they post or upload onto the site. However, for privacy reasons, the MCAA will not divulge personal information or provide methods for direct contact. If the person has provided their Facebook, Linkedin or Google+ address you can also contact them that way.

“Following” someone is almost like “friending” someone on Facebook. You will see their posts and uploads to the site, but for security reasons, you won’t be able to communicate with them directly. Navigate to the Directory, select the person you wish to follow, and click “follow”. If the person has provided their Facebook, Linkedin or Google+ address you can also contact them that way.

  1. Navigate to your Profile page
  2. Click on Edit Profile
  3. At the bottom of the profile there is a upload button for photos, documents and music like this

Please ensure uploads are relevant to the College and its people. If you are unsure, contact us and we will arrange pick-up.

It’s easy. Go to the Gallery. Find the photo you want to comment on. Click on the Shop window here. This will provide a larger image. At the bottom of the page there is a place for comments like this. Please be expansive: we’d like details, names you can remember, stories/anecdotes. It all makes for a richer archive. See ‘Using The Gallery‘.


We would greatly value your contribution. Email us. Our address is: PO Box 5121, Mordialloc, 3195. Our sponsors’ register is here.

Contact us by email to discuss your interest and requirements. There is a fee for this which helps us meet our aims.

As noted, the MCAA is a not for profit association incorporated in Victoria. Any money raised will be used to support the association in its stated aims of benefiting members and supporting Mordialloc College. All funds raised, including those from membership fees, donations, sponsorship, merchandise sales, and fundraising are held and dispersed by the MCAA (see Site Rules and Pledges).

Some funds are required for the ongoing administration and activities of the association such as website hosting, production costs of the newsletter, insurance, postage etc. Other funds may be used for specific purposes such as the production of a book on the history of the school or funding a scholarship for a disadvantaged student. In our first few months we initiated an annual prize in perpetuity for a year 12 student, now in its third year (the Dorothy Meadows OAM Prize in History), and gave a substantial donation of $1000 to the school to provide financial support to disadvantaged students to cover expenses such as books, uniforms, camps. Put simply: your membership will help us help the school and the next generation of school kids. If you think public education is worth supporting please help us do it.

Want to leave a lasting legacy? You may like to contribute to one of our major campaigns (see Campaigns). If you wish to make a significant bequest or bursary, you may nominate the precise cause to which you would like the funds to go, and the fund can be named after you (if desired). Please contact the MCAA and discuss the options with us, or come to a committee meeting–see the Calendar for details.

This is free for members and their spouses. Become a MCAA member and send us details of your business(es) and a clear, high-res pdf logo.

We welcome any memorabilia about the school, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Please send us an email. If you don’t have email our address is: PO Box 5121, Mordialloc, 3195. Members can also upload photos, documents and music on their profile page like this.

Rules and Policies

Your profile details are stored securely on our servers and will never be shared with third-party individuals or organizations, including advertisers or other alumni. Some of your details will be publicly viewable by other verified members on your profile so that other verified members can make connections to you from their time at Mordialloc College. This information includes your:

  1. First and last name
  2. Profile picture
  3. Old school photo (if provided)
  4. Years attended
  5. Biography
  6. Country of residence

Other information, such as your address, phone number, and email are only accessible by select Mordialloc College Alumni Association committee members for the purpose of contacting members about relevant events and news and for any shop purchases made by your account. Credit card details are not stored by the MCAA. These transactions are handled securely by PayPal.

We frequently get such requests. Old school records are routinely destroyed for privacy reasons. It is possible that photos, or Yearbook entries, exist of your relative/parent/friend. It is possible they are a member. You are welcome to join as a ‘Friend of the MCAA’ to see. We do not divulge personal details about members under any circumstances.

Alumni Team

The present committee was established at the inaugural meeting of the MCAA on the 9th August 2014, and renewed at the AGM each October. The terms of elected members run for 12 months. Current members, elected 2017, are:

  • President:
  • Vice President and Historian:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:
  • Webmaster:
  • Facebook Admin:
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Assistant Secretary:
  • Ventured Editor:
  • Assistant Ventured Editor and Historian:
  • Ventured typesetter:
  • Sponsorship Coordinator:
  • Past President (2013-2017)/Web Archivist:
  • Sponsorship Coordinator Assistant:
  • Maxwell Nichols
  • Paula McCarthy
  • Lynette Williams
  • Ivor Donohue
  • Mitchell Sundsrom (MC Y12 student)
  • Eberhard Rabich
  • Andy Heinrichs
  • Kim Puleio
  • Barbara Dowling
  • Bruce Lines
  • Sue Dart (ex officio)
  • vacant
  • Martin Davies
  • Shae MacBryde

New members on the committee are always welcome, and office holder positions fall vacant each October. We need “new blood”. Nominations for office bearers are held each September, but help is always needed. See Committee. Watch the Calendar for committee meeting dates.

We meet bi-monthly upstairs at the Mordialloc Sporting Club, now known as Mordy HQ: 528 Main Street Mordialloc. Meeting dates are in the newsletter Ventured and in the Calendar Please contact us if you wish to attend. All ex-students are welcome, but non-MCAA Members cannot vote on motions.

Yes. As well as doing some useful community work for your former school, universities (and businesses) look for evidence of ‘community engagement’. Participation in the MCAA could count towards a portfolio of work you could use at a job interview, or for university selection. As a committee member you would learn and apply practical skills: typesetting using Adobe’s InDesign; web development using WordPress (which powers 40 percent of the internet); financial management and budgeting skills; skills in archiving and photo documentation; photo restoration skills using PhotoShop; skills in event management, presentation skills; skills in raising funds by means of sponsorship; grant writing skills, leadership and committee work (Minute taking); and so on.

This is most welcome and encouraged. Please read Ventured Style Guidelines for further information.

If you have questions feel free to email us. See also Membership for details about fees and online security. General information can be downloaded here as a pdf document. Feel free to pass this on to other alumni!

Question not answered or still having trouble with something? Feel free to contact us:

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